Mobility = vehicle.
Is it really true?

The feeling of caring for others becomes a force, and starts to move.
That is the new form of mobility.

Yes. Because the unseen world always begins
from someone's dreams or fantasies.

So come on, let's try it together.
Someone, somewhere in this world will surely be happy
to see your dream come true.

From everyone's imagination,
comes new mobility.

Under this slogan,
we called for "doodles" depicting ideas
for something you want to move for someone else,
from October 26th, 2023,
for one month.

Thank you for contributing many ideas.
On this site, we will showcase
some of those submissions.

Recruitment Page
*The campaign is currently closed.

Walking Smartphone

The smartphone that autonomously walks to individuals
who may feel sluggish or tired.
With limbs attached, it can handle obstacles like steps with ease.
When stationary, the limbs retract into the device.

Shinji Yamada

The smartphone is an indispensable part of modern life.
What if it could walk by itself?
This unique idea offers a fresh perspective.
Perhaps through mobility, the smartphone could become a true partner to humans.

Sensing & Playing Piano

While freely moving around inside the house,
it rushes to people's sides.
Sensing their mood,
it plays cheerful music to uplift their spirits

Koudai Kai

Mobilization not only allows it to move around,
but also enables the piano to sense how the other person is feeling
and automatically play music that reflects those emotions.
It's an idea that showcases how mobility can evolve
through empathy, embodying the concept to its fullest extent.

Photographing Camera

We visited the shrine for Shichi-Go-San
and captured our daughter's special moment in her finest attire.
Amidst the bustling crowd of families,
setting up a tripod for photoshoots is quite labor-intensive.
But what if the camera could move on its own and take the pictures for us?
Not only would it be convenient,
but it would also add an element of fun to the experience.

Shun Takasaki

While roaming and determining angles,
the camera also takes the shot itself.
With no need for a designated photographer,
capturing group photos becomes easier,
and it may discover unexpected shutter opportunities.
Another idea expanding the potential of mobility.

Smart Air Conditioner

This is smart air conditioner with bamboo propeller on the top.
it can fly to hot or cold place to help people there.
It can charge by solar battery.

Bui Bao An

The air conditioner, typically confined to rooms,
is now liberated from its fixed location, gaining the ability to move freely.
It transcends the boundaries between indoors and outdoors,
being redesigned from space-centric to human-centric.
It evokes a sense of the new value created by its mobilization.

Drone Tray

It's a tray that automatically carries dishes.
I thought it would be convenient to make it easier for mom
to prepare and carry meals.
The tray has hands and can fly in the sky with propellers.


This gentle mobility conveys the caring feelings towards moms.
With this tray, it seems like there would be more time
for the family to gather around the dining table.
It could also be useful in various settings such as restaurants and care facilities.

Pick-Up Bin

For individuals with trash to discard or in areas
where litter has been discarded,
the device moves to the location.
It autonomously picks up the litter, ensuring cleanliness.


This unique trash bin can reduce littering in the city,
thereby alleviating the burden on those responsible for cleaning.
It's a mobility idea that can benefit many people.

Flying House

Usually a typical single-family home.
However, it's a house that can autonomously move
as a whole in case of disasters or natural calamities.


It's a grand idea to mobilize an entire home,
but behind it, regardless of what may happen,
you can feel a thoughtful consideration
to protect people's everyday lives.

Green School Bag

The School Bag that breathes in clean air all the time,
like walking through a forest.
It undergoes photosynthesis using sunlight,
water, and carbon dioxide.

This is also one of the entries in the Honda Children's Idea Contest.


The green school bag that undergoes photosynthesis and produces oxygen.
It's a highly innovative idea
that could represent one aspect of future mobility.

on Roblox

A tiny hero, lost in a house
from the gaming world.
Moving unexpected objects one by one,
secretly saving the residents.