On streets all over the world, one can easily see motorcycles of all sizes proudly emblazoned with the Honda Wing mark, and cars carrying the Honda ‘H’ or Acura ‘A’ emblems. On race circuits, Honda Formula One cars and MotoGP race bikes dominate racing, while such creations as Honda Jets, robots and personal mobility devices captivate the public eye with their array of technological innovations.

Honda has also secured a prominent place in people’s daily lives as well through its tillers, lawnmowers, power generators, snow throwers,outboard engines and other useful and convenient lines of power products.

Honda Power ProductsHISTORY


In 1946, a small engine designed for portable army radios was turned into a useful tool for people’s daily lives. When I see someone with a problem, I just have to do something for them.Making people’s lives just a little bit easier. Always focusing on the human element, we wanted to use our technology to help people in their daily lives.
This thinking gave birth to a vast number of Honda Power Products.


Honda Power ProductsTECHNOLOGY


“Making people happy through technology.”
From our very first products to the present day, a continuous progression of ideas. Technology created to enrich people’s lives.


Honda Power ProductsSpecial Contents


40 Years of Challenge

Red Snowthrowers in the Ever-Falling White Snow



Honda Power Products "Support Dreams and Hope"