Tiny Hero

The Power of Empathy Honda Power Products


Welcome, our hero! Can you solve the small troubles of the happy family living in this house? Don't worry, you have special tools. Utilize the various moving objects hidden here by gathering mobility power. Be careful not to be noticed by the residents Good luck!

How to play


Gather Mobility Power

Search around the house
for scattered Mobility Power.



Use the collected mobility power
to move various objects.
Enjoy moving around
and obtain power from difficult locations.


Solve Residents' Emergencies

While mobilizing various objects in the room,
solve each family member's problems.


Final Mission

As you rescue residents from emergencies,
an unexpected crisis occurs!
Move unexpected objects and clear the final mission.


  • Assist Item

    Sensing & Playing Piano

    Kodai Kai's Idea

    When mobilzed, it rushes to your side, interpreting your mood and self-playing cheerful music to uplift your spirits

  • Assist Item

    Walking Smartphone

    Shinji Yamada's Idea

    When mobilized, it autonomously walks towards its owner

  • Assist Item

    Pick-Up Bin

    Naoya Kada's Idea

    When mobilized, it swiftly moves to where trash is located, picking it up and leaving the area clean

  • Assist Item

    Flying House

    kenta_rolamo's Idea

    When mobilized, it flies through the air, safeguarding residents' daily lives while traversing the skies


Introducing the Tiny Hero original avatar costume, born from a collaboration between Tokyo Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design and Honda Power Products. Available in limited quantities, it will be offered as a gift to those who reach the endgame.

Design Draft:
Tokyo Mode Gakuen
College of Fashion & Design
Fashion Design Department
Tei Sinyoung

The Power of Empathy Honda Power Products