The 20th Safety Japan
Instructors Competition
3rd and 4th of October 2019 
Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center

Competition outline

Held since 1997, the Safety Japan Instructors Competition is intended to cultivate top-class instructors both domestically and internationally, providing a stage for Honda instructors to demonstrate and improve their safety teaching skills and their riding/driving techniques. This year is the 20th time the competition has been held, and it will feature 75 competitors from Japan and nine other countries and regions. The competition is divided into motorcycle and automobile categories, each category having three events, followed by a day of group work which groups of contestants discuss a set theme aimed at improving instruction skills.


To provide an opportunity for Honda safety instructors to improve and standardize their instruction skills and riding/driving techniques, in order to help them in the wide variety of road safety activities they conduct worldwide.

Contestant group

Group A …… Instructors from Japan traffic education centers
Group B …… Instructors from Honda Japan Offices
Group C …… Instructors from Honda offices in other countries

Board members of competition

  • Title

  • Name

  • Competition President

  • Kohei Takeuchi

  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Senior Managing Director Driving Safety Promotion Center Chief Officer

  • Competition Vice President

  • Masanori Satake

  • Rainbow Motor School Co., Ltd. President (Managing Director)

  • Competition Vice President

  • Kaoru Tanaka

  • MOBILITYLAND CORP. President (Managing Director)

  • Committee Chairperson

  • Hidehiko Nakajima

  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Driving Safety Promotion Center General Manager

  • Committee Vice Chairperson

  • Toru Arakawa

  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Human Resources Division Safety and Health Administration Department Department Manager

  • Committee Members

  • Makoto Hirai

  • MOBILITYLAND CORP. Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center General Manager

  • Committee Members

  • Takashi Ozawa

  • MOBILITYLAND CORP. Twin Ring Motegi Active Safety Training Park General Manager

  • Committee Members

  • Masayuki Abe

  • Rainbow Motor School Co., Ltd. Director of Training / Motorsports Department General Manager

  • Committee Members

  • Takashi Suzuki

  • Rainbow Motor School Co., Ltd. Traffic Education Center Rainbow Saitama General Manager

  • Head Judge

  • Makoto Hirai

  • MOBILITYLAND CORP. Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center General Manager

Competition events and vehicles

  • Motorcycle:Event

  • Motorcycle:Vehicle

  • ・Braking
    ・Course Slalom
    ・Low Speed Balance

    • Group A:NC750L,CB400SF,MSX125

    • Group B:NC750L

    • Group C:NC750L,CB400SF,MSX125

  • Automobile:Event

  • Automobile:Vehicle

  • ・Figure Driving
    ・Slippery Road Driving
    ・Course Slalom

  • CITY(5MT)

    • CITY(5MT)