me and honda

In a land of heavy snow, this snow blower gives Tsuneo and Haruyo more time to spend together.

Tsuneo / Haruyo Niigata, Japan

Tsuneo and Haruyo have been married for 50 years, farming fantastically delicious Uonuma rice for almost as long in the snowy area of Niigata prefecture. After shoveling snow for decades, they bought a Honda snow blower three years ago to lighten the load. “What once took us a week to shovel can now be cleared in half a day. It’s just amazing.” Thanks to their snow blower, the couple now has time to occasionally visit and relax in the hot springs on the other side of the mountain. “I can also go now to a nearby public bath every Tuesdays and Fridays and even play Shogi (Japanese chess) late into the night with my friends,” said Tsuneo. “I don’t join him there,” laughed Haruyo. The vegetables they collect after strapping on snowshoes and harvesting them from under a blanket of snow look so delicious. I am a little envious of all the goodness on this delightful couple’s dining table.