me and honda

A farmer / chef in Portland who’s like the cool big sister you wished you had

Stacy Givens Portland Oregon US

The city of Portland has gained fame for its spirit of freedom and progressive lifestyle. Stacey Givens runs a small urban farm and kitchen called The Side Yard right in the city together with a crew of friendly and determined volunteers. She grows organic herbs and vegetables to use with other urban-grown goods as the chef of her seed-to-plate catering and supper club business that has earned rave reviews. She has a hip urban look but it’s not just style—running a farm is hard work. Watching her push the tiller under the summer sun, with her smart hair and capable demeanor, you might start to think of her as the cool big sister you wished you had. “My dad likes growing vegetables, and he would always say, ‘Honda does so much for me!’ Now I rely on Honda for all kinds of things. It’s like one of my trusted friends.”