me and honda

Bangkok street food vendor lives every day with 3 Hondas

Chareon Rungroj Nuan Chan Bangkok Thailand

Chareon lives in Bangkok and spends his morning, noon, and night always with Honda. Before dawn, he picks up drunken customers with his bike taxi. After the sun comes up, he buys fish and vegetables at the market and loads them onto his commuter bike, and in the evening he grills fish for sale at his bike food stall. He uses a total of three Hondas as he works to support his wife and three kids. It may not be an easy life, but he still flashes a big grin from time to time. “I like to use Hondas. They’re durable and the parts are cheap. I’ve been using Hondas for twenty years. My friends who have food stalls here all use Hondas too. And I sell a lot of fish. Honda bikes get a perfect score in my book. Honda must have a bright future.”