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Movie Screen Slideshow Out in the Woods?! The Trail-Walking Family

Akira / Kazusa / Riku Japan Chiba

Ever since they were students, these two have enjoyed backpacking. Before they knew it, they found themselves walking trails and doing activities outdoors all the time. Now they publish TRAILS, a web-based magazine. Given their strong passion for camping and sleeping outdoors surrounded by nature, it is only natural that their son Riku would fall in love with camping too! Riku is first-rate camper who can set up a tent by himself, and likes to help his father build the evening fire. He is definitely a full-fledged member of the TRAILS crew. “Watching slides on a movie screen in the middle of nature is something you don’t normally do, and that is what makes it such as special experience,” said Riku’s father as he brought out his Honda generator. With the ENEPO generator, people can enjoy watching slides and movies on a movie screen even where there are no power outlets. “The ENEPO uses butane canisters to generate power, so it is easy to use. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t want to bother with anything that is too difficult!”