We offer various programs!

※Please note that each program's contents and schedule might change.
The image shows the previous year's Homecoming event. ※
Limited to the users of Honda motorcycles! Manufacturing Line Factory Tour This year, engine factory tours and engine disassembling performances will be held.

A part of Kumamoto Factory will be specially opened only to users of Honda motorcycles.
Please enjoy watching the production lines of the engine and vehicle body, and how Honda motorcycles are produced!
Don't miss it!

Reception time
Tour schedule
Reception desk
Kumamoto Factory Cafeteria
Tour site
Kumamoto Factory Engine area
How to apply
・Your application will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis during the reception time on the day.
・Please show your own Honda motorcycle key to us.
※Please note that you might not be able to attend the event depending on the situation.
※Please refrain from taking photos inside the plant.
Engine disassembling performance

Experienced employees demonstrate how to disassemble engines while explaining the inner structure and process flows. Please enjoy the professional technique to deftly disassemble engines.
(1)09:30~10:45 /
(2)11:00~12:15 /

Limited to the users of Honda motorcycles!

Original sticker presented
to the first thousand arrivals.
Participate in “Manufacturing Line Factory Tour” to get the original sticker!
60 years passed by running with CB & Demonstration run of great motorcycles

"CB" series models will be displayed including Dream CB750FOUR which celebrates the 50th anniversary from its debut, Benly CB92 Super sports, CB1000 SUPER FOUR. The exhibition replicates the display at Honda Welcome Plaza. Some of the motorcycles will run as the demonstration.

Demonstration schedule
※Exhibitions are held throughout the day.
Demonstration site
Main Stage Area
How to join
Everyone can join this program.
Homecoming Special Talk Show
①From Project Big-1 to Neo-Sports Café

The development managers will talk about the behind-the-scenes stories at the time and the genealogy of CB continuing up to now, and the future perspectives.
MC:Hikaru Miyagi & Saori Ozeki

Demonstration schedule
Demonstration site
Main Stage Area
How to join
Everyone can join this program.
②Mr. Takaaki Nakagami and Mr. Yuki Takahashi talk about the connection between MotoGP racers and stock motorcycles.

※Due to Nakagami’s absence, we have made several changes to some contents.

Mr. Takaaki Nakagami who is joining the MotoGP 2019 and Mr. Yuki Takahashi, the former MotoGP rider, will be invited as guest speakers and talk about the connection between races and stock motorcycles. 
MC:Hikaru Miyagi & Saori Ozeki

Demonstration schedule
Demonstration site
Main Stage Area
How to join
Everyone can join this program.
Motorcycle test-riding

Test-riding for various motorcycles produced by Honda! On the day, the development managers of each model will join in this event. It may be a good opportunity to listen to the secret development stories from them. A parade will start after the test-riding. Why don't you join the parade with the guests and the development managers!

Reception time
Demonstration schedule
Reception desk
Motorcycle test-riding reception
Demonstration site
HSR Kyushu circuit course
How to join

・You can join the test-riding on a first-come-first-served basis.

・Riders should have a suitable license for test-riding.

・Clothes for test-riding:Gloves・Long sleeved wear・Long pants, Boots (except high heels) or Sneakers Sandals and high heels are not allowed for test-riding.

※There is a possibility that you may not be able to participate in the test-riding depending on the opening hours.

※It is necessary to fill out a Commitment Form before the test-riding.

※Riders who are minors are required to submit a Parental Consent Form with a signature of their parental authority (over 20-year-old). Please download Commitment Form/Parental Consent Form by selecting the buttons below, fill out the forms with the signature of your parental authority (over 20-year-old) in advance, and bring them to submit on the day.

The most popular menu item of Honda' s canteen,
curry udon noodle with pork cutlet will be sold.

The most popular menu of Honda' s canteen, Curry udon noodle with pork cutlet will be sold!! This year, Takana chahan, fried rice with takanazuke will be sold! Retort-packed curry will be sold at stalls!Good choice for a souvenir! Selling Price:¥500 (The half-size will also be sold.)

Meal Coupons
Selling hours
Opening hours
for meal
Meal Coupons counters
Kumamoto Factory Cafeteria
※The number of meal coupons are limited.
Commemorative photo spot

Photo spots are set up. Take photos for your memories.

Demonstration site
Parking area for bicycles.
Limited edition original T-shirts will be sold.

This year, original T-shirts will be sold again. The original T-shirts have logo marks of motorcycles produced in the Kumamoto Factory on the backside. How about buying the T-shirts as a memory of your visit to the Kumamoto Factory?※Only 200 T-shirts