Toward a future powered by the cleanest energy imaginable

Imagine a sustainable world, one in which humans have reduced almost all impact on the environment. One option for realizing such an ideal future is to use clean and convenient hydrogen energy. At Honda, we see the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle (FCV) as the ultimate clean car. In addition to marketing the Clarity Fuel Cell, we are also broadening our technology and product development efforts to bring the power of hydrogen energy to every corner of people’s lives.

Generate, use, and get connected with hydrogen energy—all
with Honda products

Fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) produce absolutely zero carbon emissions during use. But to make FCVs the cleanest cars in the true sense of the word, we also need to eliminate the carbon emissions that come from manufacturing hydrogen, the fuel they run on. Concurrent with the Clarity Fuel Cell's release, Honda reached two other important milestones: We announced the Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) and launched the Power Exporter 9000.
The SHS is an appliance that generates zero-carbon hydrogen from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The Power Exporter 9000, meanwhile, is an external power feeding device that uses electricity generated by an FCV to power electrical and electronic devices outside the vehicle, allowing users to take advantage of hydrogen energy wherever they go.
We believe that equipping our customers to generate, use, and get connected with hydrogen will bring us ever closer to a society powered by hydrogen, an ideal future we all dream of.

Smart Hydrogen Stations spreading across Japan

The SHS empowers communities to generate energy locally using their own resources, as it is compatible with a variety of energy sources, from solar photovoltaics to waste-to-energy to biomass. Its adoption is spreading across Japan in an aim to create the ideal energy future with low-carbon hydrogen.

As of April 2018
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
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  • As of December 2018
  1.  1Honda Wako Head Office building
  2.  2Tokushima Prefectural Government Building
  3.  3Miyagi Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environment
  4.  4Saitama Prefectural Government Building
  5.  5Honda Aoyama Head Office building
  6.  6Kumamoto Prefectural Government Building
  7.  7Kobe Kankyo Miraikan (Environmental Learning Center)
  8.  8Traffic Education Center at Suzuka Circuit
  9.  9Tottori Hydrogen Learning Center
  10. 10Honda Cars Kyoto Yamashina West Dealership
  11. 11Kurashiki City Environmental Community Center
  12. 12Suzuka City Hall
  13. 13Koriyama City Hall
  14. 14Sakai Town Hall
  15. 15Miyako Air Terminal
  16. 16Energy Seikatsu Ichiba (Gas station)
  17. 17Oirase Hydrogen Station “Hydrogen House”
  18. 18Honda Engineering
  19. 19Kirin Brewery Company, Limited Yokohama Plant
  20. 20Tokushima Airport Cargo Terminal Area


* 18 sites except 1 and 5 are participants in a program of Japan's Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for financing projects to install renewable energy-power hydrogen stations.

User’s Voice!

We asked the people in charge of SHS in companies, organizations, and local governments on why they adopted SHS, how they use it, and their outlook for the future.

2 Tokushima Prefectural Government Building

Keiji Okajima, General Manager

Renewable Energy Promotion Office, Environmental Capital Section

Citizen's Environment Division, Tokushima Prefecture

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3 Miyagi Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environment

Yuya Shimizu, Team Leader

Hydrogen Energy Promotion Team, Renewable Energy Office

Environment and Community Affairs Division, Miyagi Prefecture

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4 Saitama Prefectural Government Building

Ayumu Otani, Manager

Energy Creation Promotion, Eco-Town Environment Department

Environment Division, Saitama Prefecture

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15 Miyako Air Terminal

Satoru Shimoji, General Manager

Administration Division, Miyako Air Terminal Co., Ltd.

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17 Oirase Hydrogen Station “Hydrogen House

Hitoshi Kosaka, Auditor

Misawa Solar System Maintenance

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Misawa Solar System Maintenance Misawa Solar System Maintenance

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