Words we work and live by

Blue Skies for Our Children
Caring for the environment at Honda starts with this simple desire: to leave blue skies for our children, to pass on the joy of living life fully on a clean, beautiful planet. This desire is also captured in our global environmental symbol, a green and blue globe representing land, sea, and sky.
As a company aware of its responsibility to society, now and in the future, we are working diligently to reduce all environmental impacts from our products and business activities.

Confronting challenges head on

To realize the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life. This is our vision for the future. And itʼs one we take seriously in our business, whether itʼ s strengthening the environmental performance of our products, or confronting serious global challenges related to our industry, such as climate change issues, energy issues, effective utilization of resources and preservation of clean air.

We wear our values on our sleeve

Honda associates wear a white uniform to expose any imperfections that might be present. It is an expression of our responsibility to customers and the trust they place in Honda products, and of our passion for ever-higher levels of technical precision. The same is true for the environment: To pass on beautiful blue skies to the next generation, we wear our responsibility and aspirations on our sleeve.

We see a brighter future with technology

Honda has always been motivated to create products that spread joy—the joy of going places to pursue one’s dreams, and the countless other sources of joy in everyday life. To ensure a world of joy for the next generation, we are working to reduce the full range of impacts our products have on the global environment.

We're determined to be a company society wants to exist

We believe the key to our continued success as a business is to be a company that society wants to exist. That’s why we work hard to reduce environmental impacts at every stage in the life cycle of our products and at every step in our value chain. This includes everything from the extraction of raw materials, to the production, transport, and final disposal of our products.

We’re creating new, sustainable ways of living

Nowadays, Honda is broadening its horizons to various fields of expertise beyond mobility. Our goal is to devise new energy solutions that open up possibilities for living more sustainably. We believe this will bring us closer to our future vision: the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.

We're committed to our vision

We believe that a healthy, beautiful earth and a life full of freedom and richness are not mutually exclusive aims. To hand down a future where both are possible, we remain steadfast in our efforts to protect the natural environment.