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Honda's global R&D organization works closely with production and sales sections to deliver products that meet the demands of customers worldwide. Our R&D organization pursues innovative and progressive research that will form the building blocks of tomorrow's mobile society.


Full-scale wind tunnel

Applying innovative research to meet customer needs
Honda's R&D operations can be divided into two main stages. At the research stage, basic research on automotive technologies is conducted and innovative technologies developed. At the development stage, these technologies are combined with input from manufacturing and sales sections to create products that meet the needs of customers and society.

Honda's R&D activities in Japan include product-specific development and fundamental research on the technologies of the future. Motorcycle R&D takes place at the Asaka R&D Center, which makes use of advanced technologies and the latest facilities to develop applications for products ranging from motor scooters to touring bikes.

R&D for automobiles is conducted at Honda's Wako R&D Center, which is responsible mainly for exterior and interior styling, and the Tochigi R&D Center, which handles comprehensive vehicle development. Honda's Asaka Higashi R&D Center conducts R&D on a wide variety of power products, including general-purpose engines, electric generators, power tillers, outboard marine engines, and lawn mowers. Honda also maintains proving grounds in Tochigi Prefecture and Hokkaido. Rigorous tests are carried out around the clock on motorcycles, automobiles, and power products. Furthermore, the Wako Research Center conducts research - in such fields as electronics, biotechnology, and new materials - with a focus on future trends in technology for environmental purposes, energy, and natural resource conservation.

Representative offices and development branches around the world
To deliver products that meet the specific market needs of each global region, Honda has established R&D subsidiaries and representative offices around the world, including the Americas, Europe, and elsewhere in Asia. Fundamental technologies developed in Japan are applied and adjusted to local market requirements at these facilities. The support these facilities provide to local parts and components manufacturers contributes to the expansion of local production.

Making dreams into reality - Research into walking humanoid robots

As part of its foundational technology research, Honda has released a humanoid robot prototype. With the ability to judge the ground conditions in human environments, this robot is capable of bipedal locomotion and can also perform simple tasks with its two hands. This represents cutting-edge research in the establishment of technology's role in enhancing human life.

Aeronautic research
As part of its technological research program for expanding future business, Honda has designed and developed its own jet plane, the experimental six-seater MH02. The Company is also researching various types of engines, including the HFX-01 and HFX20 turbo-fan engines for small airplanes, both of which were announced in 1997.

Material research using electron microscopy


Honda P3 humanoid robot


HFX-01 turbo-fan engine

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